Buljarica , as the nearby Petrovac, are the places with the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro

Buljarica beach

Buljarica beach is one of the last untouched oasis of nature on Montenegro coast. Distanced from our object 90 m.

It can be reached by a concrete footpath that starts in front of our building. The beach is mostly pebble, while the central part of the beach is covered with fine sand. The beach length is 2250 m. While you are on the beach you can spend time in restaurants, cafes, beach bars, and there is a possibility to rent beach equipment (chairs, umbrellas). Also you can rent canoes, different types of watercrafts and paddle boats for the ride and enjoy the view of the beautiful bay Buljarica. Taxi boats has daily traffic several times, and transport guests from Buljarica to the surrounding beaches and interesting places such as Lučice beach,Kraljičinaplaža,Petrovac, Sveti Stefan Peninsula, DrobniPijesak,Budva city. 

Buljarica is a true pearl of Montenegrin coast, as the second longest beach in Montenegro, with the clear sea and beautiful nature that surrounds it, and also because of the lack of large crowds (which are usual picture on Montenegro coasts) on the beach, it attracts many people. 

That’s why Buljarica beach is the right choice for all structures of guests whom peace, cleanness and untouched nature is synonymous for good and quality vacation. The Adriatic sea that splashesBuljarica coast is very clear, withtranslucent blue color and average temperature in season (Jun - Septembar) of 23-25 degrees Celzius. Buljarica beach is since 1968. protected by the law as a monument of nature.


Lučice beach

Lučice beach is located in a small bay between Petrovac and Buljarica, which has a lot to offers to anyone who stepped on it. It consists of a small and tiny sand. On edges of the beach is located a pine forest. The sea on this beach is also clean and translucent. Its one of the many sandy beaches with shallow sea-bottom. Lučice beachis located in our neighborhood area just 500 m from us. In front of main gate of Castellamare Residence, starts a pedestrian path that leads over the small hill, to Lučice beach. Therefore, we can say that our residence is conected directly with two beaches: Buljarica beach and Lučice beach. From Lučice beach is visible two beautiful islands: Katič and Sv. Nedelja (St. Sunday).


Queen's beach

On the other side of Buljarica bay, over the hill Dubovica, is located Kraljičina plaza(Queens’s beach.Access to this beach is possible only by the sea.This is the beach where last Montenigrian queen Milena from dynasty Petrović-Njegoš, wife of King Nikola, liked to go on her vacation. In her honour this ”peace of heaven”  called Kraljicina plaža, (Queen’s beach). She had chosen this beach because of the ambient, beautiful sand and clear sea. After her first visit to this beach, this little bay became her favorite place for summer holiday when she had stayed in their castle in the city of Bar. Queen had used to visit this beach followed by her royalsuite. They had used to swim separately, on the adjacent beach called Perjanička plaža (Royalsuite beach). It is a small secret bay divided by the big rocks from the Kraljicina plaza(Queen’s beach). If there is a place in our coast where nature was “grateful” in so many ways, that place is for sure Kraljičina plaža (Queen’s beach). During the summer you can reach it with one of the taxi boats from the beach Čanj. Kraljičina plaža is 250 m long.




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