Land of miracles. A jar full of various treasure. Like legend says, God here have tear up his bag and bestow many nature gifts, so he dropped here over Montenegro this beautiful mountains, canyons, rivers and many other things.  

Geographers would say that this area on the south of Europe and Balcan peninsula, is unique by its diversity. All of that was coming from strong nature forces in the ancient times. By forces or by accident, nevertheless-become nice and unusual, magnificent.


1. Skadar lake and Rijeka Crnojevića 

 The biggest lake in Montenegro and on whole Balcan peninsula.

2. Sveti Stefan – city hotel

 Pride of Montenegrian tourism and elite residences.  Favorite destination of many world jet-setters.

3. Boka Bay ( “Bride of the Adriatic”)

 Kotor; Perast; islands Gospa od Škrpjela and Sveti Djordje, island Sveti Marko, Ostrvo cvijeća(Island of flowers), Tivat i Porto Montenegro, Herceg Novi

4. Nevidio canyon

 The last unexplored canyon of Europe until August of 1965. In some areas only 1m wide and 200m deep, places where human legs never reached. 

5. Tara Canyon (Rafting)

 Unforgettable experience of rafting in the deepest canyon in Europe. Besides Colorado Grand Canyon, Tara Canyon is second largest in the world. 

6. Monastery Ostrog

 Monastery which is built in the hill, sacred place where relics of Saint Vasilije Ostroški are being kept; The place of pilgrimage of the three majority confessions of Montenegro, the biggest sacred place in Montenegro

7.Lovćen and Montenegro old Royal Capital Cetinje

Cetinje monastery; Mausoleum; Biljarda; Orlov krš; Dinasty Castle of Petrović-Njegoš; Njeguši – birth house of most famous dynast, poet and philosopher 2. 

*Christian relics – Cetinje

*Hand of Saint John the Baptist (hand which baptized Jesus Christ), is being kept in Cetinje monastery

*Part of Holy Cross of the Lord (part of the cross on which Jesus Christ had been crucified) – also being kept in Cetinje monastery

*Icon of Holy Mother of God of Filermosa  located in Blue chapel

8. Ada Bojana i Velika plaža

Velika plaža (Large beach) – the largest beach in Montenegro 13 km length;  

Ada Bojana – artificial river island with medical sand and naturism center.

9. National Park Durmitor

-17 lakes so called ”Mountain’s Eyes”, the biggest among them is Black Lake; 

-Ski center Savin kuk (2010m); the highest peak of Montenegro - Bobotov kuk. 

10. National Park Biogradska gora

- one of the latest prehistoric forest of Europe; 

- Biogradsko Lake – the biggest mountain lake in Montenegro.  

This and many other landmarks of Montenegro you can visit accompanied our tourist guide, among numerous excursions which Castellamare Residence organize for you. For further information you can find it on our page Special Offers.

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